Raised Access Floors

Raised access floors.
PORCELANOSA Grupo floor tiles can also be used in office buildings where raised access floors on a metal framework are required. All 59.6x59.6cm STON-KER tile models can be used in Butech raised access floor systems.

Raised access floor systems were created in order to conceal the multiple different networks typical of work areas, technical facilities and other places with an abundance of wiring, piping and ducts of different kinds.

By creating a “plenum”, these networks can be concealed in organized fashion under the flooring.

Exterior Raised Access Floors.
An exterior raised access floor is a tile-laying system developed by PORCELANOSA Grupo to cover terraces and flat rooftops. It can be used to cover sloping outdoor substrates with flat surfaces, improving their appearance and the insulation and drainage of the terrace or flat rooftop.

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