Façade systems

A façade represents the image of a building and the skin that protects it from the outside elements. Thanks to their special characteristics, fv STON-KER® ventilated façades provide added technical and aesthetic benefits by eliminating thermal bridges and condensation, improving on thermal insulation, ensuring air convection and reducing maintenance costs.

The fv STON-KER® ventilated façade system is included in the Agence Qualité Construction’s C2P green list. It has been awarded technical certificates such as the Spanish Technical Suitability Certificate (DIT 530) by the Eduardo Torroja Institute, CSTB technical evaluation no. 02/07-1269 by the Secrétariat de la Commission des Avis Techniques, BBA Agreement Certificate 10/4775 in the UK, Florida Product Approval FL9364, and the United States’ ICC.

This system, which has existed for some 16 years now, has become an increasingly popular choice in refurbishment and new building projects.

A bonded façade system by Butech is the simplest way of cladding buildings with STON-KER tiles. This façade system includes the tile-laying and grouting materials, and concealed stainless steel fastenings so that they do not alter the design or appearance of the final STON-KER façade.

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